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A number of months ago a desk came into my possession.  In it was a secret drawer that contained several wedding announcements and letters.  I have kept all the documents and have managed to find homes for a graduation announcement and a wedding invitation. 

Since I have this website, I thought I would list the documents here.  If any of these belong to you or your family, please let me know.  I will send them to a good home!  As a lover of family history, I know what gems these are.


-Rebecca Miller


Senior Graduation Program (unsure of town, but it is in Iowa)  List of names include:  Soethout, Bauer, Peiffer, Tinnes, Porter, Bowser, Mayer, Boone, Lemley, Hole, Griggs, Kleese, Renoux, Laubach, Disney, Mitchell 

Graduation Invitation:  Luella Ann Sheets Lee, Downs High School, 1946

Wedding Invitation:  Luella Ann Sheets to Mr. Ben Lee, Beloit, Kansas 1946 

Wedding Invitation:  Maxine Louise Smith to O.W. Bramer, Sacramento, California 1943

Wedding Invitation:  Nellie Ruth Courtney to Marion Duane Miller  - Washington, Iowa

Graduation Invitation:  Grant W. Walker, Washington High School, 1947

Graduation Invitation:  Nona Tinnes, St. Thomas Hospital

Graduation Invitation:  Maurice W. Mitchell, Springville High School, 1937

Graduation Invitation:  Mercedes Miller, Washington High School, 1940

Wedding Invitation:  Wanda Maxine Jones to Burrel Sheets, Washington, Iowa 


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