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I have roots in Iowa that go back six generations.

In 2005,while researching my GGG Grandfather, Joseph Craig, a friend and myself found (through the help of some kind Boone citizens) the cemetery he was buried in.

The following day we returned to the cemetery and explored the areas near it. We found pieces of gravestones in a nearby ravine. A few months following that day, a couple of our friends found stones as well. I have posted pictures of the gravestones that I am aware of, and I know through two other researchers that others have been found.

Why and when the stones were removed is a mystery with several stories. Which story is true is probably something that we will never know for certain.

The Boone County Poor Farm Cemetery is what led me to the idea of this site. With the help of my husband, Andrew, Respect Our Dead was launched.

We are here to offer a site thats main focus is on Iowa's abandoned and neglected cemeteries.

We appreciate any and all input, and we will credit the researcher or website from where the information is obtained.

We really do look forward to talking with fellow and former Iowans in our attempt to bring awareness to our collective histories.

-Rebecca Miller

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