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Patriot Chronicle

Twenty Five Years Ago

February 19, 1925

The Tioga station was opened up again Monday, after being closed for 3 weeks.  The farmers got hostile and took all their stock and other freight shipments to Delta and Rose Hill so the Northwestern had to "come across" and Agent Hickey is again at the old stand.

April 23, 1925

At the clay pit the big steam shovel uncovered a 5 ft vein of fine coal under the house formerly occupied by Neil Rowley Jr.  About 50 feet square, it was 27 feet from the surface with a soft slate roof over it.



July 25, 1925

What Cheer Tool Company through Hugh Reid have secured the exclusive agency for Iowa, Illinois, and part of Indiana for the Armstrong Cutter, a 4 pronged drill which fits down over the What Cheer drill.  A wonderful contrivance which cuts the coal in less than 1/2 the time and much less labor and the demand has kept the manufacturers busy getting them ready for market.

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