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Newspaper clipping from Phyllis Nicholson


Craig School Reunion Held Aug. 7

The fifth annual Craig school reunion for former students, teachers and guests was well attended Aug. 7 with a dinner served at noon.  The prayer was offered by Rex Utterback.  

The program included a brief history of Craig school by Gladys Burgess; regrets from those unable to attend and especially for the eldest former student, Emmett Knowler, age 97, who missed for the first time due to ill health; poems by Velna Adams, Elsie Good and Ralph Ruby.  Rex Utterback and Henry Rohloff led the group in singing with Mrs. Tom Adams at the piano.

The former student coming the greatest distance was Henry Rohloff of Mariposa, Calif.; the honored teacher was Adelia Utterback and the youngest guest of Matt Harrington of California.

The 1978 reunion will be held the first Sunday in August in Sigourney.  Officers re-elected were Ralph Ruby, president; Leomer Danels, vice president; Hilda Wagner, secretary and Gladys Burgess, treasurer.  Adelia Utterback and Velna Adams will serve on the table committee and Irene Fox and Mrs. Charles Van Veen will be the kitchen committee.

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