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Newspaper clipping provided by Phyllis Nicholson.


Craig School Reunion Held

The annual reunion of Craig School was held Aug. 1 at the Farm Bureau Building in Sigourney.  A cooperative dinner was held at noon.  Rex Utterback gave the prayer.

The meeting was conducted by Rex Utterback, president.  Former teachers, students and guests were introduced.  Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.  It was voted to hold another reunion in 1977.  Ralph Ruby was elected president; Leomar Danels, vice president; Hilda Wagner, secretary and Gladys Burgess, treasurer.

Mrs. Velna Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Adams had the program.  Mrs. Velna Adams read a poem after telling about the first radio in Hayesville.  Mrs. Tom Adams gave a funny reading she had heard on the radio.  A nail driving contest was held.  The program ended by singing old songs.  Emmett Knowler, age 96, was the eldest person present.  Ralph Ruby and Edith Tanner were members of the same class at the school.  

Twenty seven were present from California, Keswick, Hayesville, Gibson, South English, Hedrick, Bussey, Delta and Sigourney.

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