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June 1958

McCartney Still has Goat Trouble

Someone is always trying to "get Charlie McCartney's goat."

Many What Cheer residents remember Charlie and his goats.  They were a familiar sight as they pulled his makeshift wagon down main street.  They are still his means of transportation, although he is now located in the eastern states.

Paul Tancer sent his parents a clipping from a Greenville N.C. paper.  The article quoted McCartney as saying that he would fight it out in court to keep the Greenville humane society from taking two of his goats.

The society declares McCartney is making an exhibition of feeding two lame goats, making them go to a feeding trough when the goats are not physically able.  A warrant has been served, and a Greenville man posted $200 bond for the goat man's appearance in court, although the man met him that week for the first time.  McCartney said he would not let the man down by leaving town.

Since 1936, McCartney traveled as far as California with his goats.  He loads the two lame goats, born with deformed legs, into two carts he built from junk and twigs.  Other goats pull the carts, and McCartney walks.

Bearded and long-haired, as he was when he frequented the streets in Keokuk county, McCartney returned to his goat camp from the office of an attorney and embraced a big white three legged goat saying: "They won't take you, 'cause I love you."

A hearing was set for Friday.  Although humane society officials said they have enough evidence, McCartney said he is innocent.

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