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"Crusoe" Ends Trip

Home to Vote

They Went to Chicago

Sigourney, IA - Charles McCartney, Iowa's "Robinson Crusoe," has come home to Sigourney to vote for Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Three months ago McCartney, his wife, and their 4 year-old son, Albert Gene, hitched up 14 goats to two miniature prairie schooners, loaded the wagons with a tent, clothing, food supplies, a coop of chickens, several thousand post cards with their pictures, tied six more goats and two dogs to the back of the "schooners" and started on a tour.

They went to Chicago, Ill., stopping at towns en route long enough to rest and to sell enough post cards to pay expenses of the trip. 

Those cards went all right, too, he says, for it isn't often that tourists and townsfolks see a goat caravan driven by modern Crusoes, clad in garments from goat skins.

In fact, the travelers attracted so much attention in every city they visited that they were given a police escort.

In Chicago, Mayor Kelly gave the "goat man" and his family the freedom of the city, asking only that they give the traffic cops a break and not obstruct traffic.

Travel by goat caravan is a little difficult in the winter, and dwelling in a tent is not the fun it is in summer, so the McCartneys have returned to their acreage near Sigourney for the winter.

They rushed through the 300 miles from Chicago in three weeks, they had to make time to be sure they were back in Sigourney by election day, Mccartney said.

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