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Patriot Chronicle
June 3, 1885

Highland Cemetery

Humes Post adopted a plan for a Soldiers Monument, prepared by Percy Whaley and Hi Palmer. The total height will be 33 feet; 1st base 8 feet square, 3 1/2 feet high; 2nd base 2 1/2 feet high. Where the tower proper commences is 4 feet square. The tower will be 2 feet square at top; furnished with moulding. On top of this they propose to put a statue, life size of a soldier in fatigue dress. A lot has already been selected and those in charge are already preparing the foundation. The timber for the structure has already been ordered.

Building committee: Perry Whaley, H.C. Vore, and W.E. Williams will push the work as rapidly as possible. A draft of the monument can be seen at the Office of the Commander Post. J.A. Riggen will receive any donation that may be made.

The post has charge of the matter but the citizens are requested to lend a hand, certainly no one can object to donating a few cents toward the erection.


Patriot Chronicle
June 10, 1885

Highland Monument

A project was started by the members of Humes Post, GAR aided by our citizens to erect a soldiers monument in Highland cemetery.

Estimates and designs are now being made. The work will commence in a few days to be completed by the coming July 4th, and dedicated with imposing ceremonies on that day. Humes Post has started with liberal subscription from the post fund, and individual members of the post and other old men and others interested will aid us as they should, a monument will be erected which will not only be an emblem of our faith in the principles for which our heroic dead gave up their lives, but will stand as an enduring witness of the patriotism and liberality of What Cheer.

The committee in charge are now actually at work and expect to be able to let contract within the next few days.

Patriot Chronicle
June 24, 1885

Pat Powers threw the first dirt for the Soldiers Monument in Highland cemetery last Monday afternoon.

The Soldiers Monument was raised last Thursday afternoon and by Friday evening it will have the last coat of paint. It makes a good view from town. The dimensions were given a few weeks ago, the only additional work was placing a door in one side near the top so that a flag staff can be placed on top and taken down as pleasure. Mr. Perry Whaley of Col 1; 28th Illinois Volunteer; W.E. Williams of the 4th Iowa Ind. Battery; and H.C. Vore of Company B; 11th Illinois Calvary were the committee in charge of the construction.


July 1, 1885

Highland Cemetery Soldiers Monument Dedication

Program for Dedication Services

Humes Post and other societies will march from the celebration grounds at 3:30 PM sharp to Highland cemetery.

Services at the monument
Music by the band
Introductory address by Dr. Riggin, Post Commander

Dedication ceremony by Humes Post GAR

Music by band

Address by mayor Seaton

Dedication Address by the Honorable John A. Donnell

Closing services by the Post


The members of the Humes Post GAR will assemble at their hall at 10 o'clock sharp, from which place they will form in the procession and march to the grounds where a large headquarters tent will be pitched for their exclusive use. Comrades we desire to make the dedication to the monument leading feature of the day and expect all members of Humes Post who possibly can to be on hand at the post hall at 10 o'clock AM sharp, and to be ready to leave the celebration ground at 3:30 PM and participate in the dedication ceremonies.

JA Riggen
Post Commander


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