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What Cheer 100 Years
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Indianapolis Cemetery

The Indianapolis Cemetery was started when the Rev. Wm. Kimberly, a Methodist, donated the first half acre. The first burial was that of Quentin Sewell, a brother of Letitia Sewell Baker, in 1847.

It was custom to meet in June and September to mow and clean off the grass and to transact business. Fence in front of the cemetery was being set up in June 1889, and hitching posts and chain were up and ready for use. W.H. McCann and E.R. Hatcher were authorized to complete the fence and build a house in the cemetery for the convenience of visitors. Sept. 7, 1889, five trustees were elected: E.H. McCann, R.K. Davis, D.L. Lyons, E.R. Hatcher, and J.R. Stirlin.

June 1, 1891, three were appointed to buy the south half of the cemetery from Updegraff and Johnston. June 10, 1907, the cemetery was incorporated for 50 years.

In 1907, more land was needed, and a strip 78 feet wide was bought from Albert Wadsworth. It was in 1919, that an attempt to get an endowment fund was started and this was finally done in 1928. In 1937, the board bought half an acre from George Shipley and decided to build a new fence around the cemetery. In 1940, the old building was replaced by a new one, 28 x 16 x 8, built partly with donated labor.

In 1957, incorporation papers were signed for another 50 years. In 1960, the board saw need for more ground and bought a strip 78 feet wide, the length of the cemetery, from Albert Molyneux.

Present officers are: Arthur Baker, Jake Hawk, Everitt Hutchison, H.E. McKain, Jim Vail, Boyd Beeman, and Cecil E. Brower.


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