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October 13, 1949
What Cheer Paper

    Moode's hardware is observing its fiftieth anniversary this week.  Founded by W.F. Moode in 1899, the store is the oldest business firm in What Cheer, and has seen many changes in the town during this time.
    The store originally was located south of the creek on the west side of the street.  It was a double brick building.  Other business places at that time on the same side of the street were Storey's variety store, a restaurant, and the Doc Thomas store.  These stores experienced two floods.  The second in 1911, being a heavy flood did extensive damage.  Water was 44 inches deep in the Moode store.  Although the business people were warned of a cloudbursts up the creek, they were unable to move all their merchandise up high enough out of the way of the water which rose to this height in an hour.  What Cheer was a mining town then and had a population of about 5,000.
    In 1912 Mr. Moode located in the present building.  W.C. Moode and W. L. Moode were taken in as partners, June 12, the same year.  W.F. Moode continued to be active until his death in 1926.  In July 1940,  the front of the store was remodeled.

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