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Mid-Iowa News

21 October 2004


County Home Demolition Approved by Supervisors

By: Matthew Carlson

The Boone County Care Home building north of Boone will be coming down. The Boone County Board of Supervisors approved a plan that will hire a firm to do the demolition, which may also include some salvage work.

The Home was closed about 1997 and has remained empty since that time. The land that the Home currently is will be transformed into a park area.

A walk-through of the property took place on Monday, where three interested parties took a look at the property. A fourth possible bidder picked up plans on the facility on Tuesday.

The county supervisors hope to receive bids soon for the project.

One thing that the supervisors have already begun is arranging for the removal of three old cars that are on the property. The cars have been used by the Boone County Sheriff's Office for testing of ammunition.

The potential bidders also had several questions about the project which the county supervisors answered.

The brush and small trees in the area will be burned at the location, but many of the taller shade trees and fir trees will not be taken out.

The Boone County Landfill has also provided a list of items that will be accepted and will not be taken.

A salvage company from Story County that specializes in historical restoration has been hired to look over the property to see if there is any historical value on the property.

One question is whether or not the brick on the building is Boone brick. If it is found to be such, this company will salvage that brick for historical purposes.

This is a project that the Supervisors have attempted to complete for several years, but the funds have not been available.



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