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Newspaper article from unknown source.

08 March 1917


Boone Mar.8 - One aged woman and three men, all inmates of the Boone county poor house, eight miles north of here burned to death in a fire which destroyed the three story brick structure at 10 o'clock last night. Fifty-six other inmates narrowly escaped in their night clothes.

There was no fire protection at the institution and the Boone fire department was not called. Superintendent Heedwell of the poor farm aided by employees succeeded in getting out to safety all except four aged persons on the third floor who lost their lives.

The fire is believed to have started either in the boiler room or from defective wiring between floors.

The dead are Mrs. Oberg, D. Decker, 86, John Allen 86; and Peter Peterson 23. Mrs. Oberg was safely out of the building once but apparently lost her head an rushed back into the structure. She was never seen again until her charred body was found today.

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