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The Daily Advocate
Newark, Ohio
January 25, 1894

Awful Holocaust
An Insane Asylum Burns Down Near Boone, Iowa

Eight of the Nine Inmates are Roasted Alive

Boone, Iowa, Jan.25-

The building on the Boone county poor farm used as an insane asylum, burned down Tuesday night, and eight of the nine inmates lost their lives. The fire broke out about ten o'clock, and when discovered was under such headway that nothing cold be done to save the unfortunates in the building. The list of the dead is as follows: Thos. Leper, Jos. Craig, Sarah Scott, Christian Peterson, Christiana Anderson, Anna Soderberg, Johanna Briggs, Nancy Tucker.

The Boone county poor farm is seven and one-half miles north of here. Tuesday night's storm was the most furious of the winter, the thermometer indicating thirty degrees below zero. No one cold face this storm to bring the news to Boone and informaton of the holocaust did not reach here until nearly noon. An insane woman named Mrs. Hibbard was the only survivor.

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