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Kindness is contagious.

I strongly believe in the power of kind words and appreciate those who have helped (and maybe even enabled me a little) in this obsession of mine.

Many thanks to:

Joseph Craig 

Lyle Harris

Andrew Miller, my husband, for entertaining (enabling) my whims.

Phyllis Nicholson for being our family preservationist and catalyst.

Pat Shaw, SAPIC board member, for "listening." Thanks for all of the useful information and encouragement!

Betty Galloway, cousin and fellow family researcher, I appreciate you.

Nadine Steinke, you inspire!

Larry Adams, Former Curator of the Mamie Doud Eisenhower Museum, in Boone, Iowa. Thanks for reading my e-mails, sending me newspaper scans and for being an endless source of knowledge on Boone history.

Matt Donovan for all of your input.

Tina Keister for a few tidbits and storage.

D&D, my anonymous friends, thanks for hunting!

Terry Altheide, President of the Lee County Pioneer Cemetery Association, thank you for being so helpful! 





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