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What Cheer
125 Years

Page 184

Joseph Tancer was born December 23, 1860, in Nainberg, Austria.  His parents were Joseph and Anna Kono Tancer.  Other known siblings were: Bertha, Mary and Louis.

Early in 1885, he came to America and located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, remaining there three years and coming to What Cheer in 1888.  He became experienced as a coal miner and was employed by many of the large mines.  He also tiled for the farmers in the spring and summer.  He worked 15 years at the What Cheer Clay Products Company.

Joseph became a naturalized citizen in 1896.  He became a member of Leolia Lodge #202, Independent Order Odd Fellows, February 15, 1901.  He attained the highest rank in a subordinate lodge.

He married Anna Louise Schultz October 24, 1895.  They were the parents of four children: a daughter dying in infancy, William, Elsie, and Arthur.

Anna was the daughter of Wilhelm and Wilhelmina Miller Schultz.  She was born October 24, 1871, in Rippon, Wisconsin.  At the age of three, she and her family moved to a farm in Van Buren Township.

Wilhelm Schultz was born November 7, 1846, in Sapheinenburg, Prisan Provans, Chris Carnekan, Germany - now Posnen, Poland.  He died January 7, 1920.  Wilhelmina Miller Schultz was born September 29, 1846, in Scherlanke, Prisan Provans, Posen, Germany.  She died August 19, 1912.  

They came separately to the United States in 1869.  They are both buried in the German Lutheran Cemetery at What Cheer.

**Joseph and Anna Schultz Tancer are my Great-Grandparents. Their son William was my grandfather.
-Rebecca (Nicholson) Miller

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