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Preserving Our Past
Winter 2007
Number 16
Page 4


War of 1812 veteran Andrew Oilar was honored on National P.O.W./M.I.A. Day on September 21, 2007.  The ceremony was held before the varsity football game at Calvert Stadium in Keokuk.  The Sons of the American Legion Squadron 41 of Keokuk sponsored the event.

Oilar is buried in the Oilar Family Pioneer Cemetery in rural Keokuk along with three of his grandchildren.

He was captured by the British at the age of 16 and held until the end of the war.  He also was a first cousin to Abraham Lincoln.

Three other Lee County P.O.W.'s/M.I.A.'s were also honored at the ceremony.  William Slee, a WWII soldier who survived the Bataan Death March only to die a few months later in a Japanese prison camp, was the 2nd veteran honored.  His remains were brought back to Keokuk in 1949 and interred in Keokuk's Sunset Memorial Park.

M.I.A.'s Howard Piersee from the Korean Conflict and Francis John Davis from the Viet Nam War also had tribute paid to them.  Piersee has a memorial stone in Keokuk's  National Ceremony while Davis has one in the Meek's Oakland Cemetery near Argyle. 

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