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Letters are transcribed as is; spelling and punctuation remain the same.

May 31, AD 1882

To our loving Daughter Margret. It is a trying task for me to pen these lynes but do not flinch from duty. Maggie Dear Carolyne was sick on 23 about 4 oclock in the afternoon. We had the Doctor at half past one in the morning of the 24 and 2 more times that day and 2 on 24 day and 25. She grew worse and the 26 we thought she was a little better but she seemed to grow worse Carolyne is dead to this World but we cincerly bleav that she is happy and numbered with the angels in heaven. She died on the 28th Sunday morning three oclock and 24 mins. She seemed to suffer a great deal. The Doctor said the the deases was pneumonia and lung fever. We think it was spinal brain fever. We don all that we could but we could not keep her. it was the will of god to take her.

William Volleys mother prepaired her for burial. The people was very kind and turned out well to the burial. the funeral surmind was preached Monday near 2 oclock. She was the third one that has died here in the valley in the last 3 weeks.

We air all well but Hatty and she has no bain very well but she is better now.

Robert and Mariah and baby was over here Tuesday and went home today.

For god hath marked each sorrowing day
and numbered every secret tear
and heaven's long age of bliss
shall pay
for all his children suffer here

From your afectionate parents
TI and Phebe Jennings

We buried her right to the Sceeder Burian ground

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