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Letters are transcribed as is with original spelling and punctuation.

Long Beach, California

March 14, 1921

I will try and write a few lines. Fred and family are well. As for myself, I am poorly. I can't hardly get around, short of breath. Of course my age has something to do with it. I will be 85 the 20th of March if I live that long.

Well, we have had some bad weather. It has rained a good deal and the fog is a most everyday occurance. It seems to bother me a good deal.

People are making garden now. Fred has built a new house. We moved in the first of January. I has 3 rooms. The house is plastered in and on the outside. It looks good. It is not as quite as brick or stone Everything is hi

There is some new buildings going up. There is quite a lot of tourists here yet. But quite a lot have gone home. Rent is hi here. 2 small rooms brings 30 dollars per month.

I guess will haft close. Giv my regards to all inquiring friends. My address is 825 Mira Mar Ave Long Beach California

With love to all

Your father.

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