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Letters are transcribed as is; spelling and punctuation remain the same.

July 16, A.D. 1882

Dear Daughter I will pen you a fiew lines to let you know that Ma is not very well. Not has bein for sometime but she has not bein bedfast she has bein going around all the time I thing she was worring a bouth not getting a letter from you or the rest of the folks. It is about 3 weaks and until last night we got your letter of July 12.

There has bein so many storms in the papers and she was dreaming of all of you and your grandma bein sick she could not rest she thought there was something wrong.

We was very sorry to hear that Mother has not bein well.

You wanted to know why Ma did not rais more chickens she sayes that she has not got room enough it is all fenced up.

Wel I suppose that you would bee interested to here off the second Nines of Coal Valley that is the name of the Club that Fred playes baseball with They had a match game last Friday and won the score I don't reclect but the second Nines beet them so bad they would not giv them their last innings. They have got suits they air blue with white stripes and red stockings you will here some things in a fiew days I expect tht they will challenge Orion Club and then you may here something of them.

Well Maggie we was very glad to here that you was tending Sunday school. We hope that you will do all you can to instruct the children

Sarah and Mariah is going to send you 20 3 sabbath schol papers tomorrow and you will find one dollar in this letter and Mary will write next Wensday.

***This letter was not signed, so there may be a missing page. It is from Thomas Jennings to his daughter Maggie in Kansas (your note at end)

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