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Letters are transcribed as is, the punctuation and spelling remain the same.

April 23 A.D. 1882

Our own Dear Daughter

I try to pen you a fiew lynes. we are tolerball well at present hoping you air well and harty. It seems strange that you should bee so far way but he that keeps the sparrow ----will do likewise with them that put their trust in him works with a will.

We was glad to here from all there is not much news to wright.

Tell Mary and John that her mother was here last weak and was well. She said that she had rented a house in the Valley and William was coming. They was going to move in the Valley.

Your Aunt Maria was coming yesterday but did not come. i guess it rained to hard.

Aunt Maggie air well.

The wether clear to night. Mary and the rest of the children air well.

Work is not very good in the Banks. We air working on the road.

We air glad that father and mother is well and air pleased with the country.

Please tell John that i think that it is time that that finger was well. i know that it must a been very painfull but hoping that it will be usefull yet in writing.

Yet this is three letters fro me this afternoon. Give our best respects to all inquiring friends accept our love yourself from you afectionate father and mother

T.I.P. Jennings

*Note: Maggie went to Kansas to live with her grandparents, Frederick and Sarah Roach Fittell. 1880.

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