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The History of Keokuk County, Iowa: 2001
Page 315

Thomas E. Noller

Tom was a farmer and livestock buyer and owned and operated a stockyard next to the railroad on the North side of Sigourney. Tom married Nellie Carie Hewitt near Delta on March 12, 1891. Nellie was the daughter of Ebenezer Chapman and Martha Ann Lippard Hewitt. Tom and Nellie had three children and they were:

Ruby Noller Ragan - November 25, 1892
Glen Hewitt Noller - January 9, 1895
Earl Dewitt Noller - October 8, 1898

Tom died on December 7, 1935.
Nellie died on December 9, 1944.

Both are buried at the Noller family plot at Pleasant Grove Cemetery.

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