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Letter from William Arthur Craig to his Cousin Melissa Herndon

What Cheer, IA

Sept 16, 1921

Miss Melissa Herndon

Dear Cousin,

Will embrace the present oportunity to write you a few lines.

We have all been reasonably well all summer. Though Luri is quite poorly today.

This was fair week here but is has rained all week and the Fair was called off today.

We have not did very much this week as it has been to muddy to do slip work. Arthur and I have been doing about all of the City teamwork.

I am applying most of it on Aunt Martha's sewer tax. She had not understood the matter right and left it in a way it was all due last spring.

I took the matter up with the City Council and got it fixed in seven equal annual payments.

When I investigated and found there was a mistake in recording the amount at Sigourney they had her charged with $224.40 instead of $115.50 as the City

records show and I finaly got that corrected. So it looks a little like they realy need someone to look out for them a little.

Arthur and I have $113.10 due from the city and about $25 or $30 to work out next week so I expect to take it all up at the next Council meeting.

I was down and patched the roof on their house a little yesterday. They both seem quite well.

Have not seen any of Uncle Wills lately.

The crops here are simply immense. Corn is estimated at between 95 and 100% safe. While it is rated at 45 to 50% above the normal for this Keokuk County.

We have almost evry thing in the vegetable line from sweet corn roasting ears to turnips and from squashes to ground cherries. Luri has up to 100 quarts

of tomatoes canned.

I have taken well with the men who started here since I left as well as held all of my old friends.

We got the two largest team jobs that have been pulled off here this summer. Both unsought. We have also had the local team work for the

C&N.W. and C.R.I and P.R.R. So we have had all we could do all the the time. I think we have raised enought feed for our own use.

Martha and the twins go to school.

You will be pleased to learn that Arthur and the twins have went into the church.

With love and best wishes to all and hoping to hear from you soon.

I remain you cousin

W.A. Craig



Spelling left as is.

Luri is W.A. Craig's wife, Lurenna

Arthur is their son

Twins are their daughters Elvie and Elfie

Martha is Martha Gilchrist Kimble (Jim)

Will is William Gichrist

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