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I'm as poor as any church mouse

But happy as a lark,

We're living in the new house

So let the old wolf bark !

The house is not completed,

The wild winds whistle through,

But pert as any chickadee,

I just whistle too !

There's lumber in the parlor,

No paper on the wall,

With birds outside the windows,

We do not mind at all.

With sunshine in the daytime,

And firelight at night,

We really have a gay time

In our new house so bright

But one thing more is needful --

The voices of our friends.

We hope you will be heedful

And as the old year ends,

Please plan to come and see us,

Or, if you chance to pass,

Just stop in for a cup of tea --

Black, green or cambric, Mint or sassafras !

We're hoping very soon to see

Your face within our door,

Hear your laughter by our fireside,

Your footsteps on our floor.

And at the year's beginning,

I speak our wish to you --

Good Fortune live within your house

And all your dreams come true !


Esther L. O'Connor

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