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For the next six weeks the winds will howl

And the clouds hang leaden gray

Like the tattered folds of an old monk's cowl

For the sun shone bright today !

And the wind was warm and the smell of spring

Tickled a wee pink nose

And the groundhog woke and stretched himself

And wiggled his small pink toes.

He grumbled some and he said "How come !

I'd hardly gone to sleep,

And here it's the day I'm sposed to wake up."

So he slowly got to his feet.

And out of the ground he poked his head,

Out he ambled with lordly air.

When all of a sudden he saw his shadow,

It gave him a terrible scare.

So he turned and scuttled back in his hole,

With his paws has covered his head

He'll finish his nap while wild winds howl,

The groundhog has gone back to bed.


Esther L. O'Connor

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