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Kansas City, Mo.

July 5, 1943

Dear Uncle Albert,

Believe it has been quite a spell since I wrote you a letter. Received yours sometime ago. Wonder how you spent the Fourth. Suppose the farm work -- chores and such take much of your time even on Sunday. Or did you have some drilling to do?

Things here go along about as usual. Atha came back a couple of weeks ago. Her husband finished the course at Atlanta, and was sent on maneuvers in Tennessee. Atha went on to New Orleans, hoping he could join her for a few days furlough, but when she found where he had been sent, she came on home.

A letter from Daniel a couple of weeks ago said he had been very busy. Said he had met a fellow, name of Sarnes who proved to be a grandson of Charlie Sarnes of Nebraska. This fellow was born in Lexington, Nebr. (I believe that is what Daniel said.) At any rate he is the son of Roy Sarnes, I believe. Daniel looked him up when off duty and guess they had a good chat.

Have been having rather changeable weather. A few hot days, then very cool ones. The first of last week it was really cool enough for a light wrap. Imagine, Kansas City in July having temperatures in the 60's. Three mornings last week the furnace started up at 6:00 A. M. -- You see we have a gas furnace run by thermostat and due to the amount of rain we have had - and water in the basement, I have not turned off the pilot light, so when 6:00 A. M. came around the temperature was less than 72o - the furnace came on.

Hildreth Rogers and husband came over about three Sunday's ago and took me for a ride. I was by myself at the time and had some lacquer poison on my hand so was afraid to do any house work -- so, inasmuch as my house anything but neat and clean, and I knew if I stayed and looked at it, I would be tempted beyond my strength to do a little cleaning -- I was very glad they called that particular day. We drove out to Swope Park and then down to the river, which was at flood stage. Had a good visit with them. Hildreth is much better than a year ago.

As to the lacquer poison -- it seems I am allergic to the stuff and when I tried to clean up a piece of furniture with a solution that dissolved some lacquer on it, it poisoned my skin, looked like poison Ivy. Had to make several trips to the Doctor to get rid of it. Did the first washing I have done for about a month, today, and needless to say all of my clothes were dirty.

Well, it is after 11:00 P.M. so must go to bed. Write when you have time. Love, Esther.


P.S. The Post Office Department is trying a new system here to expedite delivery of mail, since they lost so many men to the Army. Each area in town is given a number and ours is No. 4. Therefore, under this system my address reads:

4344 Locust

Kansas City 4, Missouri

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