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Letter from Hattie Osler to A.D. Herndon Mailed February 1, 1915

Subject: Death of Grandma

Spelling left as in letter.

Kenesaw, Nebr

Sunday Eve

Mr. A.D. Herndon

Western, Neb.

Dear Uncle and all the rest of the loved ones. The news that grandma had gone home came as a shock after all.

Altho I was afraid all the time. While we mourn yet we ought to look up and rejoice for the word says, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints." Her "Mansion" is finished and Jesus has called. No more suffering and sorrow for her.

Heaven means more to us now, Mother is there now and we can go to her some day. What an inspiration her life is to me. Her patience, faith, hope, love, self sacrifice. I have many times thot of her and wished I had more of these qualities.

Uncle Albert I know you will miss her more than anyone else. But just let Jesusu take her place. He has promised to be father, mother.
husband, wife and children to us.

Let him carry your burden of grief. Just look up and calm the precious promises. you are his child, you have a right to stand on the promise and claim them. Put Jesus to the test lean your head on his bosum and let him comfort you.

The lines were down between here and Gibbon so I could not telephone to Aunt Maggie. I would love to come down but it is so
hard to leave these babies this cold weather, but I will pray for all of you anyhow.

Let Aunt Joanna and mother read this too, it is for all of you.

I am glad that Uncle David and Aunt Martha and Lizzie got to come and see her.

May the Lord bless and help you all is my prayer and help us all to live nearer the blessed Saviour so that when he calls for us we may be ready.


Hattie Osler

Hattie Osler is Mary and Will Miller's 2nd daughter.

Grandma is Jane Gilchrist Herndon

Albert Herndon is her son

Joanna Herndon Wautenpaugh is her daughter

Uncle David Gilchrist and Martha Gilchrist Kimble are her siblings

Lizzie Craig Joseph is Jane's niece


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