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Patriot Chronicle

What Cheer, Iowa

Thomas Hartman died April 22, 1909, at his home in What Cheer, Iowa.   He was a veteran of the American and Mexican War and a most honorable soldier.

He was a member of the Baptist Church.  Funeral services were Sunday, April 25, 1909.   Reverend Charles W. Wilson officiated. 

G.A.R.  was present in body paying their respects to their dear old comrade.


Thomas was brother to Anna Hartman Gilchrist.

He was born 25, July 1823 in Fairfield, Ohio.

He married Sarah Betz.  They had three chidren:  Margaret, Lavina, and Mary Elizabeth.

Later he married Mary Quinn.  They had children: Bert, Harriet Elma, Martha Emma, Jake, Issac, and Jesse.

*Harriet Elma Hartman married Avery Brainard.  Their children:  Nellie, Lelia, and Jim.

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