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March 12, 2004 (100 years ago)

Boone News Republican



Family Sent to Poor Farm

J.A. Harris of Coal Valley, better known as "Doc" Harris was brought before the board of commissioners for the insane Wednesday and declared to be of unsound mind. The board visited the Harris home the other day and found it one of most extreme squalor and wretchedness. A family consisting of a wife and seven children were living in a room twelve feet square with four broken chairs, an old table and stove constituting the furniture. The family have been sleeping on the floor and there was no evidence of any bedding. The poor drudge of a wife was also sick. The basement of the dilapidated structure called a house was used for a stable. Harris refused sometime ago to go to the poor farm but after being adjudged insane he and the family were ordered removed there.

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