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Solway Minn
Dec. 20, 1965

Dear Ester and Albert
Well Xmas is here once more. Time shore goes fast. We are all going strong except Elvin's wife she has been on the shelf. But is better now. But she will have to be operated on. She has some kind of a tumer or something they don't know just what it is but it is a growth of some kind the doctor said it was the size of a grapefruit. She is going to be operated on right after Xmas.

Hope you are both going strong.

We have had a lot of cloudy and misty weather all fall and winter but so far have had no cold wether. We have about a foot of snow did have about 20 inches a while back but it has settled down and some has melted. The roads are all open but are icey in places.

Clifford and Elvin are cutting pulp they are a good market for it and prices are a couple dollers higher a cord this year.

Delmer in in Minneoplos.

Nellie and her family are all going strong. She is getting lots of eggs. She gets 40 cents for most of them. She wants us to come over for Xmas. We will go if the weather and roads permit. They were here Thinksgving. It is cloudy and windy today. The wind is in the South East and it is raw and damp looks like it was getting ready for a storm.

Cliffor has 3 Indians working for him. Says one is extra good cutter. the other to are just fair.

Got a card from Lew. He said everybody out his way was O.K. Said he was getting some work as there is not mutch to write about I will sign off. Don't suppose you can read what I have wrote. If you can't it is the pencils fault not mine.

Bess has gone to church she should be getting home pretty soon. She never went last Sunday it was raining and the roads was icy.

Well keep off the shelf and write when you find time.

From George

P.S. got a card from Elvie tancer one of her grandkids name was drawn then he ancered 2 or 3 questions. Got them all right. Won $150. It was some television program. He is 7 years old. Nice Xmas present for him. He was lucky.

It is snowing now.

I left the spelling the way George wrote it.
Clifford, Elvin, Delmar are George and Bess's sons.
Nellie is George's daughter. Lew and George are siblings.
Esther is Esther O'Connor
Albert is Albert Herndon
Elvie is Elvie Craig Tancer
Grandson is Billy Tancer

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