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Letter from William Gilchrist to A.D. Herndon

August 3, 1924

Rose Hill Iowa

Mr. A.D. Herndon

Western Nebr.

Dear Nephew will drop you a few lines in answer to your letter read several days ago. This leaves us just about as common. Emma is about the same as she has been all summer. Louis seams to be well again.

I am not much account any more but work a little. Hope this finds you all well.

We had a letter from Melissa a day or 2 ago. She was well.

I haven't heard from Martha for a couple of weeks. Guess she is well as common.

We have lots of rain this summer and storms and floods and it is very hot today. George lost his corn crop by flood. He had about 45 acres of Hay that was pretty good. Him and me have about 3 acres of cucumbers if weather conditions are favorable we ought to get something out of them. Oats are only fair but little wheat was sowed. What thare was is good.  Corn is said to be the poorest in 35 years. Potatoes are good.

Georges little girl is home from the hospital after a 3 month stay. She is not cured and may have to have another operation. She is taking treatment with DR. Jarves at Rose Hill and is getting better.

Craigs wife, (Lurena) was getting along fine the last I heard from him.

Don't know just what we do next for shure we will settle up with the people we have worked for since last fall in the next 60 days.

The company can't agree among themselves and are going to disolve.

You asked me what I thought of the candidates. Well Coolige comes as near filling the bill to my way of looking at it as anyone we could find. The only fault I fine with him is he still retains Hoover in his cabinet and I would have fired him the first morning, I became President before breakfast. We don't have any Secretary of Agriculture but we don't need any so we might as well keep Wallace. Perhaps Davis is as good a man as the Democrats could have nominated. He will be a harder man to beat then.

Mc adoo but if there is any chance of Democratic sucess I would much rather have him as to old Bob Lafollett. I think he will draw more votes from the Democrats than the Republican Party. Personally I know quite a number of mass back Democrats that will vote for him, but I don't know of one Republican that will.

Every Socialists, every Anarchist, every _____, every Pro German and most of the criminals that are alowed to vote at all will vote for him. So will every unfilled Free thinker, every trator to his country family society Church God Religion Society and Cruelay too will do the same.

The Repulican Party is well rid of him and should have kicked him out of it years ago. It is claimed that he has not voted the Republican ticket for 14 years in Iowa. In Iowa we have a peculair situation. The Republicans have no candidate for U.S. Senator. and LaFollet Socialist and Supporters won the nomination on the Republican ticket.

I refer to W.S. Brookhart the present incumbent the Democrats nominated Dan Stick of Ottumwa. A clear compenteable young man and while he a rock ________ and eternal Democrat a great many Republicans, myself included, will vote for him. We feel, we would rather have a Democrat than a Demogog to represent us. But I think Brookhart will be elected. He will poll all the LeFollett votes and thousands of the Farm Union and Farm Bureau vote. He tells them he is a farmer and belongs to every Farm Organization that is and if any more comes around he will join them that he has to and will vote for the farmer. Buck and fight Wall Street to a finish. That he has demanded of the President to call immediately and enter session of congress to pass legislation for the farmer. That he will take no sass from ________Davis. That Wall Street stands in mortal terror of him and are spending millions to defeat him and a lot of other half baked dope of the same style.

Personally I am in favor of only one Blac in congress that is a common sence. Blac that will Blac all other Black

Well it is supper time and I must go and get supper.

Please right back soon and often

From your Uncle William Gilchrist

P.S. What do you think of the Ku Klux? I dont think we need them.


Left spelling as written. blanks are for words I couldn't figure out.

William is the son of William and Anna Hartman Gilchrist.

Siblings: Jane Herndon

David Gilchrist....never married

Martha Kimble....no children

Margaret Craig

Louis and George are his sons.

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