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Letter from Wm Gilchrist to his sister, Jane Herndon

Rose Hill, Iowa

June 25,1899

Dear Sister

I will try and write you a few lines to let you know we are still alive. Hope this will find you all well.

Well Emma has not been well all summer in fact has had poor health for a long time. I have been laid up about 3 weeks by running a nail in my foot. I have been at work for about a week, but can't wear a shoe.

We had a very cold wet spring but crops look well. But we need rain now. We have had a good many storms this summer. One tore one end out of my stable and badly wrecked the one building I had just built. It is the same storm Tore some holes in the roof of my store building, blew away the saddle boards. The building is 68 feet long and the saddle boards were fencing boards 16 feet long. I found one of them a couple of blocks away and the rest of them never heard of. We have had good trade this spring and summer by far the best millinery store that was ever in the town, but we will go to a larger town as soon as we can get our business in the right shape.

We are still having trouble with Stringfellow about the grave yard. He shut us out and notified us not to go through. We have had a road and 1/2 acre of land condemmed. It will cost us $175.00 besides our work as there is only 5 or 6 to raise the money.

It makes it pretty hard on us as we are all poor. So we thought that we would ask as many people that has folks burried thare to help us as we could find. If you could send us some money to help pay for the land and road it would be greatly appreciated. When we get the money raised we will get a deed and a quick title from the court. That will forever settle the matter. I think I told you before that Jackson mortgaged the grave yard with the land to the Etna insurance company and afterwards made Stringfellow a warranty deed for it. If it had not been for 3 or 4 of us making a fight the grave yard would have been destroyed before now.

That is the sole reason I am in Rose Hill today, instead of a larger town and I am young to remain. I am going to remain untill itis settled for all time. The committee consists of myself, Sol Brown, John Brown, Doc Myers and Fletcher Norris.

I will send you a plot of the grave yard and road as we have had it survyed on the back of this.

Please write soon as you get this.

Yours truly,

William Gilchrist to Jane Herndon



2011 the Jackson Cemetery still exists. The graves of our ancestors are still visible, but do need repair.

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