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Found in:
Ashland, Ohio
25 October 2010

Richland County Ohio: Abstracts of Wills (1813-1873)
Volume I
By Anne Lockwood Dallas Budd

Published by Ohio Genealogical Society
Mansfield, Ohio: 1974

Page 24
Gilchrist, William (AR II, p.60)
18 February 1835
May term 1835

To three eldest sons William, Robert, and Thomas, livestock, use of farm until youngest son Anderson is 21, providing they pay debts. To daughter Martha, six sheep, cow, woman's good saddle and bridle, paid by above sons; bed and bedding, best household and kitchen furniture.

To four sons and one daughter, money equally from sale of farm when Anderson is age 21.

Executors: William Gilchrist, Jr.; John C. Myers
Witnesses: Jeremiah Shopbell, David Hart

18 February 1835

To three eldest sons, farm utensils; care of testator's brother Robert.
Witnesses: Jeremiah Shopbell, David Hart

Page 81

Hartman, David. Worthington Twp. (RW I, p.135) 6 August 1849 11 April 1850

To wife, and daughter, Lavina, farm where we live in Worthington Twp. Wife to have household and kitchen furniture, mare, colt. Lavina to receive $100.00 in addition to her stated share.

To four youngest sons David, James, Daniel, and Elisha, $75.00 each. To Elisha, a gray colt.
To daughters Ann (Rich____), Lucinda Myers, Catharine Fouler, Esther Rise, and Lavina, $75.00 each.

Executors: Wife, Margaret Hartman; son, James Hartman

Witnesses: James F. Halferty, Benjamin Hartman

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