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Mills, George.   Rogues and Heroes from Iowa's Amazing Past.
      Iowa State University Press: 1972

President Visited Cemetery
Page 168

When Ulysses S. Grant came to Des Moines as president of the United States in 1875, he wanted above all else to visit the grave of Brigadier General Marcellus M. Crocker in Woodland Cemetery.

As he stood by the grave, the president said with a touch of reverence, "General Crocker was fit to command in an independent army."

Those words were carved later on a memorial stone for Crocker in the cemetery.

Crocker was one of Iowa's most illustrious soldiers in the Civil War. He was a brilliant lawyer, fervent patriot, and a completely fearless and highly competent soldier. He fought under Grant at Shiloh, Corinth, and elsewhere. His brigade was known at the "Crocker Greyhounds" Although he came under fire many times, Crocker never was wounded. He died of tuberculosis in 1865.

President Grant attended, in Des Moines, the 1875 reunion of the "Army of Tennessee," which he once commanded.

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