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6615 E 13 St
Kansas City Mo
9 -3-1920

Miss Esther O’Connor
Dear Cousin one and all I will try to write you a few lines to let you know I recd your card and the medicine I had to get both prescriptions filled before the pkg came. But I am some better now, still working

I have a room at Dechert now an with the baby at nights. She is getting along fine. I got her a new dress for her birthday and she is sure proud of it. They sure spoiled her at the hospital we can hardly do anything with her but I will soon tune that out of her before it runs too long.

Well tomorrow is Sat. and I have a big day. The folks are all well I am getting along fine in my work and keep pretty busy. Well Esther there is no news to write so I guess I will have to close.

Herman is here reading the paper and I am writing to you a nice way to entertain company isn’t it. Ha Ha

I have read the book and sure had to laugh all the way through. Irvin and Mama is reading it now and as soon as they finish it I will send it with my picture it is fore the family

Well I will quit for this time as I am awful nervous I am ever Your cousin and family with Love from all to all Please answer as soon as you can

Mrs. Daphna Prine
6615 E 13 St

Daphna married Herman Rivers and they had several children. Her daughter told me that they met on a street car. Leona said that they each had children in an orphanage or children’s home in K.C and were going to visit them ……Phyllis

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