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Daphne wrote this after she left Mr. Prine.
I’m thinking probably around 1920
I’m not certain who Joe is. Unless it is Mr. Prine. Her two daughters were Audrey and Ethel

Kansas City, Mo
6615 E, 13 ST

Miss Esther O’Connor
Dear Cousins one and all I will try and answer your card. I recd last week Was glad to get it but sorry that your mother is no better Yet I told you over the phone that I might be in Ottawa with in a week or 2 But Mr. Pine is trying to take the children away from me and it is going to take all the money I got to fight the case which will come up next Saturday. So Esther I don’t know just how soon I will get to come out. I had to take Audrey out of the home yesterday on the account of Joe and her kidneys don’t know just what I will do with her yet Mrs. Dechert is keeping her for awhile But I am trying to find her a home have ask our pastor to write to the Baptist orphans home in St. Louis and see if I can get them both there.

Well, Esther there is no news only I am not very well have been sick for 4 days did not work to day but hope I will be able to go back tomorrow

The rest of the folks are well hope your Mother is better and the rest of you all well I will close with love to all from your loveing cousin Daphna

Mrs. Daphna Prine
6615 15 E. 13 st

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