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Daphne Craig Prine Rivers letters to her Cousin’s Susie and Esther O’Connor
Daphne was the daughter of Joseph Edgar and Hattie Brunson Craig
Susie was the daughter of Jane Gilchrist Herndon (Charles)
Esther is Susie’s daughter

Daphne was married to Mr. Prine I think at the age of 14. Her parents and family were moving and they either stayed with Mr. Prine or live near him. They left Daphne with him and they were married. He was much older than her. They had two children, Audrey and Ethel.

Yates Mo
Oct 18, 1911

Dear Cousin Susie

I will try and write you a few lines this evening to let you know our address we are at Yates MO Susie did you get my card that I mailed at Stahl

Well Susie have you had much rain down there. We have plenty here. Well we live about 1 mile from school and live close to Sunday School They have Church every Sunday night and prayer meeting every Friday night so we have plenty to go to.

Well Susie how are you all getting along We are all as well as usual Well I am going to tell you how we are located we have four rooms in our house and we live just a crost the road from the railroad so we can’t get lonesome.

Well, Dear Cousin I will send you one of little Willies Curles. Well it is bedtime so I must close for this time. Loveingly Your Cousin Daphna Craig.
P.S. I will send Aunt Jane of the curls.

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