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Letter from Hattie Brunson Craig (married to Joseph Edgar Craig) to Jane Gilchrist Herndon

Green Castle, MO

Sept. 10 1909

Dear Aunt Jane,

i will write you a few lines this morning in ans. to your last which we rec'd a few days ago and let you know just how we are getting along.

Well the last day of Aug. there was a new baby boy arrived here, he weighed 11 lbs. without anything on but his band, we are both getting along very well now. He is ten days old today and Sylvia is 10 years old today.

Irven has named the baby William Raymond in honor of all the "Sweet Williams" and "Good Williams" and he says he is going to do his part towards clothing him. He is carrying water for the carpenters that are working on the ranche. He gets 50cts per day for that.

Edgar works on the ranche part of the time by the day at $1.00 per day and boards himself and part of the time. he works in the clearing at $3.50 per acre.

We have had very hot dry weather since the latter part of July and all through Aug. but previous to the drouth all the corn on the Sheridan river bottoms was completely washed out be the floods, and the hot dry weather has damaged a very large percent of the corn on the ridges, and I haven't heard of but very little small grain the the country. Fruit has done pretty well here this season. There is lots of apples, a good many pears, plums, grapes and Crab apples, but there is no peaches.

The girls thinks the goods that you sent them is very pretty. There is just enought to make Daphna a good fall dress. She was going to write to you herself and thank you for it but she had to go with the other children to take their papa his dinner and it is a long ways over there and they haven't got back yet. They won't have time to write now so I will thank you for them, and let her write some other time. I will make it up to the best advantage, as soon as I am able to sew.

Well I have wrote all I can at present as i am not very strong yet and don't sit up very long at a time. So I will close for now with love and best wishes to you all.

Please write when ever you can we are always glad to get your letters

bye, bye for the present.

Lovingly yours



Hattie's husband, Joseph Edgar Craig was a brother to William Arthur Craig.

Jane Gilchrist Herndon was a sister to Edgar and Arthur's mother, Margaret Gilchrist Craig (married to William Hill Craig)

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