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Boone County Democrat
January 24, 1894
Page 3

The Poor Farm

The grand jury visited the poor farm last week and has made the following report:

We, the grand jury, after visiting the county poor farm fond its condition as satisfactory as could reasonably be expected under the circumstances. There are a few things in our judgment absolutely needed. One is that more room and better facilites for the comfort and care of the inmates should be provided. That there should be a better system of ventilation in the insane department. We think the sanitary condition not very good. Think it could be kept warm and yet supplied with plenty of fresh air. We found the same needs in the men's department not so bad as to ventilation, bt as to heating still worse. The only way the upper rooms can be warmed is from stoves in the lower rooms, the heat passing up through a hole in the floor so that in very cold weather it would be impossible to keep these upper rooms warm and the foul air from the lower rooms fills the rooms above. There are some of the inmates who are in need of medical help and appliances which the county should provide. While we favor economyin the management of the county poor house we think it not good policy to economize at the expense and health and comfort of its unfortunateinmates.

Jackson Hull,
Foreman of the Grand Jury.

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