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Information on John Taylor Craig has come from Gloria Craig, Michael Hamilton and Phyllis Nicholson.

John Taylor Craig

Birth: 08 April 1849
Place: Indiana
Married: Semie Aramus Mangum (1861-1941)
Date: 14 December 1880
Place: Henrietta, Texas

Death: Even though JT Craig was a sheriff and judge in Texas, his death is unknown. It is only family speculation as to what happened to him.

Other information:

Election/Elected: 1879 Sheriff of Henrietta, Texas
Election/Elected: Judge in Henrietta, Texas
Election/Elected: 1885 Elected Judge of Clay County, Texas
Election/Elected: 1887 Elected Judge of Clay County, Texas

Marriage: 14 Dec 1880 Performed by J.A. Carrol (Dist. Judge)

Parents: Joseph and Sarah (Woolard) Craig
In an 1888 Article in the Sigourney, Iowa, Newspaper, it stated that his father (Joseph Craig) was in Texas to visit him.

Occupation: Sheriff in Henrietta and Tyler, Texas

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