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History of Crawford County

Page 190

"Forty miles across a rolling prairie, and twenty miles north of the Indian Territory, was a rural settlement composed of a large number of families with many kinds of religious faith witout a Presbyterian organization.   Here our first sermon was delivered in a log cabin, the home of David Calhoun and family, in the presence of a large and interested audience. The text was taken from the sixth chapter of Hebrews, Saint Paul's searching question, 'How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?'  The congregation filled the room to overflowing, and was intensely interested in all that was said and done.  Our pulpit was a plain stand, placed near the center of the room, from which the speaker could best be seen and heard.  This we were afterwards informed was the first Presbyterian sermon ever preached in Crawford county."


Note:  David's parents - James Calhoun and Elizabeth Carnahan.

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