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What Cheer Patriot
December 15, 1896

The most horrible murder of Milton S. Brunson occurred at Coal Creek, about one o'clock a.m. December 11, 1896, at the home of his mother, Margaret A. Brunson, on her lot about 75 feet north of the house and 8 or 10 feet from the south east corner of the barn.  Milton had been to Keswick on trial and had just returned, and is supposed to have started to the barn, when he was fired upon from an ambush of some chicken coops, his face and body being riddled by about 32 bullets.

The crime was committed by some unknown parties who had probably been to his trial or knew of his acquittal and about the time he would get home.  The whole plot was most carefully planned and cowardly and cruelly executed.  It has been reported by some person or persons that the reason his mother harbored him around was because she was afraid to drive him away, which is utterly false.  She took him in after his return from prison, broken down in health, penniless, homeless, and friendless and seemingly penitent to give him a home as she felt it to be her duty.

Also the report that he had ever made threats against her life is false, and  the report to his threats against his children is equally false, and as I cannot learn of his ever owning or been seen carrying an unlawful weapon of any kind whatsoever, since he came back this last time, I fail to see where the practical view comes in of killing a dangerous man.

Now in all candor, which is a dangerous man, even had he made such threats, the man who would openly threaten, or the man who would conceal themselves in the night and shoot a man down in cold blood without warning  and with no provocation whatsoever to merit the deed.

I do not wish it understood that I uphold or justify his conduct, but I do ask the careful consideration of every Christian and law abiding citizen of his untimely death.

N.H. Brunson
Brother of the deceased

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