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On Tuesday November 22, 2011 Bill Reedy and I went to Oak Grove Cemetery in Webster County and observed the disinternment and reinternment of three burials. They were the ones in most danger of sliding into the ravine after the next heavy rain. The remaining burials along the edge of the cemetery are safe enough until the retaining wall is in place. The burials were three members of the Dugger family. Father mother and son. The two adults were buried with very well made steel burial vaults. The vaults did not collapse or fail in any way. None of the adult remains were exposed at any time. The two year old sons remains were found and what remains that could be found placed into a small burial container and it was placed on top of the mothers burial vault at the new burial site. The stones marking the burials were moved to the new site on Monday. A funeral director and a local pastor were present. The grand daughter of the Dugger family was present during the reburial and the pastor conducted a service at the grave sites. The volunteers will be working on the new retaining wall this fall. It will prevent the burials along the edge from slipping into the ravine when it is done. The operator of the excavator was a expert at handling the digging of the around the burials without any damage to anything.

The photo attached is of the new burials site at Oak Grove Cemetery for the Dugger family.

Mike Magee


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