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The Daily Iowegian
By Ethel Lira - Numa correspondent
May 26, 2006

New fence for O'Brien Cemetery

In 1997, several of the Sage descendants had located an abandoned gravesite of William Sage, great-grandfather of myself and cousins in what was then known as the Smithfield Cemetery, and now known as the O’Brien Cemetery in Monroe County near Weller. It was quite heartening to see that a sturdy fence has not been erected around this site that is comprised of, at minimum, 18 grave sites and although overgrown, the graves are protected from livestock wanderings. This is a pioneer cemetery and while I am not informed as to whether or not it has been so designated officially, it certainly would qualify, but the county of Monroe is to be complimented on having this latest effort on restoration. It is not available to regular road traffic, located in a pasture under a large tree and not viewable from any of the surrounding traffic. Thanks to those responsible for this fencing and marking. There is at least one Civil War veteran laid to final rest here.

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