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What Cheer Paper
October 2, 2008

What Cheer News

By Opal Walker

My husband Daryl Walker was born and raised in New Sharon, Iowa.  Several of his relatives are buried in cemeteries nearby.  Three of his grandparents, one great and two great-greats, were buried without markers in the Stuart Cemetery.  All the records were destroyed in a fire many years ago.  Daryl knew approximately the location and wanted to mark the spots, and is planning to get a tombstone for them.  Today, we found the graves with some help from Phyllis Nicholson.  She knows how to do grave witching.  You locate the graves with a stick from a peach tree or you can use two wires.  My daughter Diana Mandity and son Mike Scholtus also tried their hand at finding graves.  Such a good day for Daryl!  Thanks Phyllis for the help.

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