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Preserving Our Past
Spring 2008
Number 17
Page 5

Pitman Family Cemetery
West Point Township
Section 10

Those known to be buried in the Pitman Family Cemetery:

Romanial Bloor

Eliza M. Bonnell
John W. Bonnell
Ida P. Bonnell
Liffiel Bonnell
Clem C. Bonnell

Joshua Brown

Sally Cooley
Simcron Cooley

C. Douglas
Lydia J. Douglas

John Henry Pitman
John Lewis Pitman
L.C. Pitman
Lewis Pitman
Lydia E. Pitman
Mary Pitman
Patsey C. Pitman
Rhoda Pitman
Wm.C. Pitman
Wm G. Pitman

A memorial stone honoring Archibald S. Cooley is also at this site.  Cooley was killed at the battle of Shiloh on April 6, 1862.  He is buried at the National Cemetery in Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee.

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