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2009: Lee County

The Lee County Veterans Project, in association with Ogo's Restaurant & Buffet, will conduct their first annual veterans cemetery walk on May 16th from 1 to 5 p.m. The walk will take place in both the National & Oakland Cemeteries in Keokuk. The stories of 8 veterans will be told by actors from Keokuk's Great River Players theatre group.

The 8 veterans include two buried in the National Cemetery and one MIA veteran.

Army Civil War nurse Sarah Thompson; WWII Medal of Honor recipient John Thorson and Korean War MIA Howard Piersee.

Oakland Cemetery veterans include three from the Civil War including the county's last vet from that conflict, African-American John Drain; KIA John Keppel and British born William Davis. WWII KIA veteran Jimmy McGhghy will also be featured. Joseph Patterson, one of only 7 Revolutionary War veterans buried in Lee County, will be included in the walk.

Due to the gravesites scattered throughout the two cemeteries, buses and vans will be used to transport those wishing to attend the walk. Short walks to each grave will be required. It's expected to take about an hour to conclude the walk.
The cost will be $7 a person. Money raised will be used to place names on Keokuk's Veterans Memorial and to purchase items needed to refurbish damaged tombstones.

Refreshments will be served at the end of the walk.

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