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Phyllis Nicholson found this article in an old Sigourney newspaper.

James Crocker was married to Jane Woolard. She was the sister of Sarah Woolard. Sarah was married to Joseph Craig, my GGG Grandfather, who inspired this site.

-Rebecca MillerĀ 

Sigourney Newspaper

A Lonely Grave August 1, 1878

"Hobbs Grove" just across Skunk river, south of town, has that which should give to it a more sacred memory than the event which made it famous as the camping ground of the army which governor Kirkwood dispersed.

In the days of more than thirty years agone, Lancaster, then the county seat was a prosperous town, but at present has but few of its old landmarks left. The town plat is almost entirely vacant, with nothing to suggest its former prominence, life and business activity. In those days among the young men who afterwards won distinction Iowa, and the old town can claim numbers of them, M.M. Crocker, Attorney at law, was prominent. His father, James G. Crocker was known in that neighborhood as an old democratic wheel horse, like his son, passionate and impulsive, but beneath and with this, kind hearted and brave. His death occurred during those early times long past, old settlers say in the fall of 1848, and his burial was in the grove above referred to.

It never became a cemetery, and his last sleep has for nearly a third of a century been alone beneath the trees where whimpering winds have murmured sweetly among the leafy branches, and the blasts of winter moaned sadly when cruel frosts had shorn them of their verdure. Recently this grove became the property of Josiah Utterbach, and the trees have been cleared away to make us of the ground for agriculture purposes. Mr. Utterback has, however, left standing one elm tree which alone marks the grave of General Crocker's father.

We understand that the old settlers association now being organized intend that the father of the lamented General Crocker shall no longer rest in a nameless and, except to them unknown grave, and that at least a modest tombstone shall mark his silent home.


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