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There are a number of matching footstones with the initials of the person whose name is on the headstone lying, some in pieces and some complete, near the matching stone. These footstones were not reported if they matched the headstone.


When the listers visited with Mr. and Mrs. Louie Schwartz, it was evident that Mr. Schwartz was concerned about the cemetery's condition. He related to us that shortly after they purchased this eighty acres upon which the cemetery is located that, knowing some of the descendants of the persons buried there, he suggested to them that he would willingly pay half the cost of adequate fencing if they would assist with the other half. This they seemed not interested in doing so the matter of fencing the cemetery was dropped. He realizes that unless something is done to preserve the cemetery it will soon be obliterated. At one time he and another person removed some of the fallen tree limbs. His age and physical condition do not permit him to care for it now.


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