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Information was submitted to SAPIC by Peggy Patrick
Ford Cemetery
Benton Township
Ford Cemetery, sometimes called Swanstrom Cemetery, is in the field north of the Louis Schwartz home. To reach the Schwartz farm, take Highway 149 west of Hedrick for four miles. Turn left (north) on the gravel road for two and one-half miles, then turn left (west). The Schwartz home is on the north side of the road just a little beyond that last turn. Mr. Schwartz gladly gives permission to go through his barn lots. Drive north through the farm ground for about one-quarter mile to the grove of trees.
Physical Features
The cemetery, approximately one acre in size, is not fenced and does not have township maintenance. It is a wooded area and many fallen tree limbs are scattered about. The weeds and fallen tree limbs make the headstones difficult to find as all but one are now lying on the ground and sometimes even partially covered with soil. Quite a few of the stones have been broken. The burial plot is located on the top of a knoll and is fairly level except at the northern side where it slopes rather rapidly to the north.
Land Description
In deeds prior to 1886, there appears to be no exception made for the cemetery or mention of it. In no deed is there a specific description of the cemetery boundaries, the only statement being "except one acre used for a burial ground (cemetery, grave yard)." There appears to be no deed of record to a person, organization, or township trustees to set aside the cemetery and establish its boundaries. The last deed on record for surrounding land to the present tenant is typical of the descriptions of the real estate in this area.

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