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The following information is from Keenersburg, Keokuk County, Iowa: Gone but not Forgotten.

The only stones found by a 1975 lister were:

Clarance, son of A.F. and C.R. Durland, d. Oct. 14, 1875; age 1 mo. 11 das.

(Stone with top portion broken off and not there); d. Nov. 15, 18-- (last portion of year not there); aged 72 yrs.

Mabel Daniels later stated that the stone with the top portion broken off could be that of:

William Clary
b. 1842 PA
d. Nov. 15, 1884 - aged 72 years.

At a time in the cemetery's history the burial area was not fenced, but was a part of pasture ground. At a later time the stones were taken but shortly thereafter returned to the area. Those persons who knew the cemetery in the early 1900's say there were six to eight stones in the cemetery.

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